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Strings may be involved in this procedure, but there are no strings attached when it comes to this lunchtime facelift! Unlike the standard facelift, which involves incisions that take weeks to heal and leaves you with scarring that takes months to diminish, the minimally invasive PDO (Polydioxanone) thread lift leaves you with a tightened, rejuvenated appearance with relatively no downtime.
The PDO thread lift uses a hypodermic needle preloaded with various thread types to target and enhance specific areas of the face. They are inserted underneath the skin and into the deep connective tissue. Though mild ...

Time is money, and more people are investing their money in less invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. These are commonly referred to as “lunchtime” treatments, that typically range from 15 minutes to an hour. From lip injections and facial fillers to PRP treatments and laser resurfacing, these cosmetic surgery selections allow each person to customize their ideal rejuvenation plan.
And the concept of facial and body rejuvenation has begun to catch the attention of a younger audience. Since the launch of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, young men and women have become very aware of their own faces, enhancing ...

If you’re struggling with a baby face that never disappeared during puberty, you’re not alone. Hundreds of people find that their face has an overly rounded, plump appearance. Since this is a hereditary condition, it is impossible to diminish the appearance of buccal fat with exercise and weightloss.
Fortunately, there is a minimally invasive procedure for buccal fat pad extraction. Buccal fat pad removal is done under local anesthesia and involves small incisions on the inside of the cheeks above the lower gumline. Then the fat deposit is extracted in order to create a slimmer, more sculpted appearance. ...

One of the major things that gives away your age is the state of your hair. You may be able to mask the greys, but there is no way to hide significant hair loss. Balding and hair thinning are problems that both men and women face with maturity. This issue oftentimes is completely out of their control too. Genetics and hormones are the main culprits in these cases, but fortunately there are several options on the market to help you regain a healthy, full head of hair!

Hair Regrowth Vitamins

Your body needs to be taking in the right ...

Hello Spring, Goodbye Past Mistakes: Tattoo Removal 101
We all have past regrets – some are etched permanently into our memories, while others are displayed on our skin for all to see. At certain points in our lives, we make decisions that seem brilliant at the time. But as time passes, we realize we have evolved and we may not be so fond of that choice. Thankfully, we have the ability to mask or erase these, so that the reality of this realization isn’t so harsh.
Tattoo removal is one way of allowing yourself a fresh start ...

Finals are just a little over a month away. And with that comes late nights, overly-crammed minds, and comfort food binges. That makes the Spring Break season even more of a well-needed hiatus from studying. But despite the sunshine, beaches and tans, Spring Break can be just as stressful of a time if you aren’t prepared for it!
Weight gain and dimpling on the back of your legs and thighs can make it difficult to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm breeze. Being comfortable in your skin is ideal, but not everyone has the ability to embrace ...

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments became popular a few years ago when Kim Kardashian had a vampire facial. But beautifying the face is just one of the many incredible ways that PRP can be used to help stimulate the body’s healing.
The PRP treatment uses blood drawn from the patient’s arm, which is then placed in a centrifuge and propelled at a high speed to separate and concentrate the platelets. This concentration contains anywhere from two to 14 times the amount found in normal blood. This is then injected into the area of interest to generate the healing ...

The pressure to have a strong, yet not overly powerful jawline is overwhelming in the selfie-saturated world that we live in. Because of this, both men and women are turning to genioplasty (chin surgery) in order to achieve the perfect balance. And although the most widely discussed version of genioplasty is a chin implant, there are a great deal of men and women who are struggling with the opposite issue.
When a man has a receding jawline, typically, society doesn’t view him as capable of a leader nor as “manly” as one who has a chin proportionate to ...

CoolSculpting has become vastly popular over the past few years as a means for targeting stubborn fat pockets that accumulate in various areas of the body. But many do not realize that CoolSculpting has become the leading treatment for targeting that pesky double chin! This noninvasive treatment for targeting submental fat has become the ideal treatment due to the minimal discomfort and zero downtime.
How The CoolMini Treatment Works:
The CoolMini treatment implements cryolipolysis, a process that involves freezing of the fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding area. During the treatment, a device is ...

If those dreaded dark eye circles are constantly haunting your reflection, you’re not alone. This can a very frustrating situation, given that there are so many factors that can cause this condition. Between lifestyle choices, age and heredity it can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. This can make it very hard to figure out what method is the right one for making them vanish.
That’s why it’s important to first analyze your lifestyle choices, such as your sleep cycle, your skincare routine and your habits (like smoking and drinking). If you are someone who are ...

The aging process can be a very beautiful thing, but the mark it leaves on the surface of our skin can be anything but appealing. Because of the effects of aging, many people begin toying with the idea of a facelift; however, the actual concept of a facelift can impede many people from actually following through with the procedure. A facelift not only has a cost factor that frightens people, but it also involves incisions, extensive recovery time and visible scarring. There are also fears tied to the unknown result of the procedure.
Because of this, Dr. Kassir ...

Dimples are cute, but only when they’re located on your face. Cellulite on the other hand, is the type of dimpling nearly all women loathe, yet 90% of them are afflicted by it. The appearance of cellulite can range from tiny rippling in the skin to a more accumulated orange rind form to a bulging cottage cheese look. The worst aspect of cellulite is that no matter how much you adjust your diet and commit to a healthy lifestyle, it’s impossible to rid your body of its presence.
Women tend to suffer from cellulite more commonly than men ...

The process of looking for a plastic surgeon can be stressful enough, but the actual concept of going under the knife can cause even more fears to rise. Between the idea of complications from anesthesia, the cost of the procedure and the appearance after the surgery, many people would rather struggle with their appearance and confidence, than take the risk of having an anti-aging procedure like a facelift.
And facelifts can be pretty intimidating, especially because the incision can be more invasive than other procedures. Fortunately, there’s a nonsurgical facelift that has been developed, which incorporates a combination ...

As much as we romanticize months in advance over Valentine’s Day in our minds, when it finally approaches it seems to cause more stress than steam. On top of figuring out how to dress, what to wear, how to do your hair…or if you even have a date…all this stress is just deepening your stress lines more! If you want to smooth things out, but don’t have time for an invasive surgical procedure, like a full facelift or Band Aid facelift, a Liquid Facelift is your ideal solution.
A liquid facelift involves a combination of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers ...

As our skin matures and aging begins to settle into the surface of our skin, we begin to fret over the impact it’s having on our face and forget about our fingers. Though the face is the first thing the eyes rest on, the hands are the second area of the body most eyes are drawn to next. In fact, with the constant movement and use of our hands, they’re always at center stage in some respect. Oftentimes, when people are interested in reversing the effects of aging, they are not aware that their are many treatments in restoring the ...

When you’re ready to hit the restart button on aging, a facelift is one of the first methods of reversing the clock that come to mind. As one of the leading forms of enhancement, a facelift uses a comprehensive approach to targeting signs of aging. There are various forms of facelifts tailored to target specific areas of concern on the face. These problem areas are as unique as the facial expressions made by each individual, so many find that one portion of their face appears to age faster than another; however, the effect has an aging effect on the entire ...

There are genetics that are passed along that are enviable, like blue eyes or dimples, and there are traits that are not-so-desirable, like excess fat storage in the neck region (aka a double chin). Or maybe you’ve recently lost weight, but have found that the weight is stubbornly accumulated in the neck area. One procedure that can effectively target fat storage in the neck region is neck liposuction.
Neck liposuction is a surgical procedure that sculpts out a perfect neck and jawline by removal of the excess fat. This will enhance a woman’s feminine facial structure, while chiseling ...

Sometimes it’s difficult to gauge whether you like something before you’ve even tried it out. And when it comes to cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty, people often struggle with making a commitment to the actual procedure, typically because they have one or more of these three main concerns: ‘what is the cost of rhinoplasty – can I afford it?’, ‘will the change be overly noticeable – will I still recognize myself?’, and ‘what if something happens when I’m asleep – is the anesthesia safe?’.  
  If you’ve been considering getting a nose job, but have been held back by anxiety ...

With the increasing acceptance and popularity of rhinoplasty procedures, the majority of the population has either considered it or has gone through with getting a nose job. However, many people find they are held back by the idea due to three main fears: what the cost is of rhinoplasty, the anesthesia aspect – being asleep during the surgery, and if they are going to look the same.
Though the identity of many people is comprised of many variables, one of the essential aspects of it is their appearance. Their appearance, specifically their face, reflects not only who they ...

Every face has something special about it – a unique feature that identifies and distinguishes them from everyone else. From the dimples of their smile to the arch of their eyebrow, each face conveys emotions in various patterns, grooves and lines.
But as we age, these unique expressions start to become permanently etched into the soft surface of the skin, leaving some people with expressions, like anger and sadness, that they aren’t looking to show off constantly.
If you’re someone who has started noticing more defined expression lines across the forehead, around the bridge of ...

With Kylie Jenner being the poster child for full lips, she’s blazed the trail for women across the world to start looking into procedures to give them plumper pouts. A popular trend is lip injections with fillers like Restylane, but those are temporary and need consistent maintenance. Plus, if you’re not a fan of needles, you’ll have to suck it up and bare through the multiple pricks.
Many don’t realize that there is a permanent solution to fuller lips. A lip lift is a surgical procedure that involves increasing the volume of the upper or lower lip for ...

According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center 92% of teens go online daily, while 56% of them report going on repeatedly throughout the day. Because of this, teens come face-to-face with flawless images of men and women constantly as they scroll through their newsfeeds.
As their exposure to these types of images continues to expand, teens begin to analyze their features and compare their faces and bodies to those of the models and popular instagrammers who have gained notoriety for their images.
More and more teens between the ages of 13-19 have ...

The concept of a full Facelift can terrify even those who put on the bravest of faces. That’s why the Band Aid Lift is the perfect way to cover up those fears and lift your confidence to new levels!
The Band Aid Lift is a mini face-lift that’s perfect for those who are beginning to show true signs of aging or those who are looking to touch up a previous full Facelift.
Why It’s Worth It:
Because it’s a mini-facelift, the Band Aid facelift is less invasive, reducing the risks significantly and generating a faster ...

Unless you are one of the unique individuals who relishes in the freezing temps of winter, there’s not a lot of positives that come to mind when winter is mentioned, especially when it comes to weight loss (it’s more so the season for hibernating and insulating), but CoolSculpting is bringing the benefits out of freezing temps.
It all started with a popsicle – one scientist noticed children who noshed on popsicles had slimmer faces. After that, the concept of CoolSculpting was born. It was FDA approved in 2010, but last year it became one of the hottest ...

Though the idea of having any facial surgery sounds terrifying, and many of us envision a world of pain afterward, surprisingly, pain is one of the most minimal aspects of this procedure. In fact, initial aesthetics (aka bruising, bandaging and stitches) tend to be more of an issue than anything else.
First day: One may experience a certain degree of pain, which mainly comes in the form of a dull, extended headache, rather than a sharp, intense pain. One will also experience concentrated pressure in the nasal/forehead region.
The first day, you’ll tend to experience significant ...

Aging takes a toll on our appearances in many ways, though the most commonly talked about issue is wrinkles. But one sneaky way aging rears its ugly head is, well, your head. Or rather, your hair.
As we age, many men and women suffer from hair loss and thinning. This can take a significant toll on how we feel about ourselves. Though there are topical treatments to assist in this, many do not give us ideal results, leaving us feeling like there’s really no solution other than surgery.
But there’s actually a very effective, non-invasive treatment that ...

As a new parent, you’ve experienced the incredible miracle of delivering a precious new life. In this state of wonderment, it’s easy to get lost in the joy of your family’s new addition, but also the hectic life and stress that comes with.
Though a new child is a beautiful experience one should relish in, it does take a toll on not only the body, but the mind of a woman. That once tight body has been stretched out, and you find yourself living inside an almost unfamiliar body.
As women, we are almost trained by ...

If you’ve been been looking best treatment to combat the signs of aging, you’ve come to the right place! Dermal fillers are a great way to start! Dermal fillers have various uses when it comes to facial rejuvenation. They can be used to correct or enhance facial contours, plump up lips, soften the appearance of wrinkles and improve the tone, texture and hydration of the skin.
Here is som detailed information about dermal fillers:
What are dermal fillers?At around the age of 25, important changes begin to take place. Your body stops producing collagen and elastin, (two proteins that work ...

Gravity plays a much smaller role in the aging process than most of us thing. The main factor behind sagging the loss of volume underneath the skin, not gravity, is primarily to blame for sagging, lose sin is volume loss. Depending on your overall facial structure and age, re-columns get as opposed to a facelift may be your solution to a mer refreshed and youthful appearance.
The less of flume and subcutaneous fat crease a hollow looks throughout the face and especially around cheeks, underneath the eyes and around your lips and mouth.This creates an older appearance.
Dr. Kassir has customized ...

Most of us are always looking for ways to reverse the signs of aging. No matter how old we are, at one point or another, we begin to see signs of aging- from gray hair to wrinkles, fine lines, dull and saggy skin.  As soon as we notice some of these sings of aging, we quickly search for ways to reverse them.
Here’s something we often forget. We can actually slow down the aging process by changing some of our habits and taking preventive measure.
Here are the top 5 that we make that age us faster:

Smoking: besides harming ...

We all know that your face can give away your age. Wth cosmetic surgery and minimal invasive procedures being available to mat people in NYC, your face ant quite an indicator of your age. There’s no area of the body gives away a person’s age more easily than the hands. All parts of your boy age, and the aging process doesn’t skip your hands.At Dr. Kassir’s office, we have you covered! There’s a non-invasive solution for you gang hands- combination Radiesse (a dermal filler) and our newest laser. Think about the signs of a younger person’s hands. The sin ...

Another injectable filler has his the US market: meet JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™, the first and only HA (hyaluronic acid) filler FDA-approved to add volume to the cheek area, resulting in a subtle lift, helping to restore a more youthful profile, for up to two years, in patients over the age of 21. Dr. Kassir, one of the first facial plastic surgeons to use Voluma™ XC, explains, “We inject Voluma™ into the cheeks to recreate fullness and youthful contour. It is great for those who want a more chiseled bone structure or simply want a more youthful look.”
Costs depend on how much filler is needed to ...

People want options. Options are good because they provide people with an opportunity to decide for themselves what works best for them according to their concerns, tastes, or personal preferences. This is true across the board in everything from the menu at a restaurant to cosmetic procedures. For those who are considering changing the appearance of their nose, we offer surgical and non-surgical options.
Factors to Consider When It Comes to Rhinoplasty:
Do I need it for medical or health reasons?
Will rhinoplasty improve my appearance?
Can I have surgery?
Do I want to have surgery? Can ...

Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself. You’re investing money, energy and time into improving your appearance, and it’s equally important that you’re satisfied with your results and able to maintain them.
Most surgical procedures, when performed correctly by a board certified plastic surgeon provide patients with long-lasting results. They key to maintaining the best results is what you do to up-keep them.
Remember, the aging process is natural and we cannot prevent it, but we can slow down the aging process and maintain our plastic surgery results.
Here are Dr. Kassir’s 3 suggestions to maintain your plastic surgery results:


If you’re noticing sagging skin and jowls throughout your face, puffiness under your eyes, and droopy lids, and want long-lasting results, you may be a candidate for a combination of surgical procedures.  Meet our beautiful patient of the week, who had a facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat transfer and an endoscopic brow lift for overall facial rejuvenation.
The entire aging process has an impact on our skin, muscle and fat throughout our face. As we age, we begin to see skin elastosis, the fat underneath our skin thins out, and our underlying muscles weaken. To turn back the ...

1.Protect and Nourish Your lips
Dry and flaky lips can make your lip lines stand out even more, and since lips are covered by a thin layer of skin, it is very easy to get chapped and cracked lips. To protect your lips, apply a rich emollient balm with SPF to protect against sun damage.
2.Change Your Habits
Your daily habits may contribute to fine lines and wrinkles forming on your lips. Drinking out of straws or whistling may seem like it’s harmless, but making a habit out of this can cause lip lines. More harmful habits like ...

We explained both CoolSculpting and Liposuction methods in our previous blog. Most patients want to determine which procedure is right for them, based on the results it provides, downtime and cost. Here’s a breakdown that may help you determine which procedure would work best for you.
Liposuction may be an excellent option for you if you’re looking to reduce larger deposits of excess fat. You may be able to target multiple areas under one surgery, and best results are seen between 16 and 20 weeks.
On the other hand, liposuction includes a higher cost, recovery time of at least 6 ...

At one point or another, most of us- male or female have had or still have an area of unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and/or exercise. Stubborn fat in areas like the stomach, thighs, and bulges around flanks and fat can be difficult to get rid of permanently.
For many years, liposuction has been one of the most popular and top performed cosmetic procedures.  When performed by a board certified surgeon who specializes in liposuction, it is generally a safe and effective procedure in permanently and effectively reducing fat and refining the body contour.
In recent years, thanks ...

What causes a droopy tip and imbalance (alar-columellar disproportion) at the base of the nose? That is one a question we often get.
When performing rhinoplasty, it is important for surgeons to focus on all aspects and specific details of the nose, such as the alar- columellar disproportion in this particular case.  Each patient’s surgery is unique, and special attention should be given to specific anatomic components of the nose such as the relationship of the alar rim to columella visibility and nostril proportion. In this particular case, this patient had natural hanging columella, and alar rim retraction, causing nasal imbalance ...

Have you examined your eyelids lately? Are they looking feeling heavier? Looking tired, saggier or puffier?
What about what’s around your eyes? Do you have dark circles? Crows feet or wrinkles?
Most of us know that staying out of the sun, leading a healthy lifestyle and going in for some injections can prevent some signs of aging, but what if we are beyond that point?
Aging eyelids that begin to droop and sag can impact your vision, and we suggest that you address these concerns on time.
You may be a candidate for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) if:

1.      Your eyes ...

Millenials have become the new faces of plastic surgery. It is more acceptable to undergo plastic surgery as young celebrities openly speak about their procedures on social media.
The number of men getting plastic surgery continues to grow. While younger men are looking for nose and chin augmentation in their teens and 20s, the older demographic is looking for facial rejuvenation and body contouring.
Thanks to technology, more than ever before, patients have access to information about plastic surgery. Youtube is full of informative videos, plastic surgons are blogging about new procedures, and patients are documenting their own transformations on ...

Sooner or later, we all see signs of aging and begin to suddenly wonder, how it all happened.The photos above show structures of a youthful face, and an aging face. You can see that the composition of fat,muscle and skin changes as we age.The way that we age depends on our genes, anatomy and of course, lifestyle. Diet, exercise and alcohol consumption, and sun exposure play a role. Over time, the epidermis and subcutaneous fat thin and there is effacement of dermal-epidermal junction. This progressively leads to elastosis, collagen loss and weakening of underlying muscles.While  the aging process is normal, ...

It is no secret that new technological advancements increase demand and awareness in the vast field of cosmetic surgery.  New technology delivers less invasive procedures and more affordable ones, which help make plastic surgery more accessible to the general public and not just social elites and celebrities.
Along with advancements in technology, social media is the driving force for influence and information.
The idea of being image conscious is not new, but it has changed drastically with the presence of social media.  With social media, as a society, we are in spotlight more than ever before.
Those ...

Reduce Fat With CoolSculpting
CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment used to reduce fat by using a cooling technology to target the fat cells and reduce the fat layer. CoolSculpting can produce incredible results. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. While CoolSculpting tones and defines the body, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to guarantee long-lasting results. Most people decide to get CoolSculpting treatment after first trying to lose weight through dieting and exercise, which should continue post treatment.


The second time may be the charm. One treatment results ...

1 How many rhinoplasties do you do per week, per month, per year and how many total have you do in your career? the answer to these is very important because experience matters and it’s your nose- it’s your face it’s better to be done correctly and properly and if something is inexpensive but doesn’t work or creates problems it’s infinitely expensive as there are NO shortcuts to quality.2.How much experience do you have with my type of nose specifically (enter your country of origin here) Dr. Kassir has operated on patients from 105 different countries and is an expert ...

If you’re looking to change the shape, size, or general appearance of your nose, one thing is for
sure—you will need a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon. This can be a tall task in New York City. There are
thousands of plastic surgeons, so how do you choose the right one for you? Follow these three tips to
find the rhinoplasty surgeon that best fits your needs.
1. Research the surgeon’s certifications
To make sure your rhinoplasty surgeon is highly qualified, do some research with the plastic surgery
certification agencies. The American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of Facial ...

With so many beauty products around us, it’s important to know where to start and when to start using certain skin care products.
When it comes to skin, many tend to focus on the face. But what about your eyes? Your neck? And lets not forget your hands- which are often a telltale sign of a person’s age. Check your products and make sure you are taking care of your skin overall, and not just your face.
1.For starters, commit to using sunscreen on a daily basis.
Dr. Kassir recommends  broad spectrum, physical sunscreen which contains ...

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?
Non-surgical rhinoplasty, or a non-surgical nose job, is a non-invasive alternative to surgical rhinoplasty.  For people who decide they don’t want to go through surgical rhinoplasty (whether it’s because of price or downtime), and wish to improve the appearance of their  nose, temporary fillers are used to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty.  The Non-Surgical Nose Job or the “15 Minute Nose Jobs” is performed using dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Perlane®, Radiesse® or Juvederm. Temporary fillers are strategically placed to help camouflage bumps,  create a better bridge in a flat, narrow, or scooped nose, refine the tip, ...

Got love handles? Got muffin top? Can’t get rid of that stubborn belly fat?
Uplift, Refresh, & Sculpt Your Way Slim!
Fighting the aging process can seem like an uphill battle. Now there are new heavy hitters in the aging battle: Ultherapy® and CoolSculpting®. No needles, no surgery, and no downtime are involved!
Show off the body you’ve always dreamed of with CoolSculpting®, a non-invasive technology for reducing the fat layer and thickness. It utilizes a cooling technology that reduces unwanted fat in stubborn areas.
Reveal a younger, healthier, and more refreshed appearance withUltherapy®, the only non-surgical way to ...

What is different about African American noses and what has to be taken into consideration when performing rhinoplasty
Dr. Kassir takes your ethnic background into consideration when performing rhinoplasty. He performs ethnic, custom rhinoplasty. Patients of Hispanic backgrounds tend to have thicker skin and flatter noses, which makes refining the nasal tip more challenging. Requests include: lifting the bridge, narrowing the nostrils, and enhancing the profile.

Many patients are seeking to improve overall facial harmony and ask if multiple procedures can be performed at the same time.
One of the most popular comination procedures is rhinoplasty and chin augmentation.
A rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can improve facial harmony and balance. We have found that most of our patients have a mentoplasty in combination with other facial procedures. Dr. Kassir will use the most appropriate implant and technique to fit the contour and projection necessary to achieve your desired look.
When it comes to recovery, you wear a splint for about a week and return to daily activities ...

The number of male patients seeking cosmetic procedures has been increasing at our office.
The procedures men are looking for are mostly non-invasice. Non invasive procedures have become popular because they require little to no downtime and patients can come in during their lunch break for the treatment.
Men are seeking botox and/or dysport for a quick fix against wrinkles.
If you missed Dr. Kassir on CBS, click on the link below to watch

Triple board certified, Dr. Ramtin Kassir made the cover of Art Bodega once again! Inside this issue of Art Bodega, luxury magazine, an article entitled “The Future of Beauty” quotes Dr. Kassir and explains his approach to plastic surgery and technology!
The doctor to celebrities and royals who travel from around the world to see him, operates from his Park Avenue office. His persona comes across as a deep thinking, no nonsense practitioner who cares enormously about his patients. Although he may perform many surgeries during the day, his approach is unique in his consuming study of the technologicaladvancements that are happening so quickly. From the K-lift to ethnic rhinoplasty, his brand has ...

We live, in a fast paced environment, and this year, more patients are seeking minimally invasive procedures.
One of the reasons why minimally invasive procedures are so popular at Dr. Kassir’s office is because they require very little to no donw time.
Here are our top 5:

Wrinkle erasers such as Dysport
dermal fillers to restore and enhance volume
chemical peels to restore and maintain youthful skin
laser resurfacing to get rid of deep acne scars and discoloration
coolsculpting and radio frequency skin tightening for body contouring

Stay tuned for top 5 invasive procedures!

What is different about Hispanic noses and what has to be taken into consideration when performing rhinoplasty?
Dr. Kassir takes your ethnic background into consideration when performing rhinoplasty. He performs ethnic, custom rhinoplasty. Patients of Hispanic backgrounds tend to have thicker skin, droopy tips and stronger cartilages as you can see in this photo.
This was taken 3 weeks after rhinoplasty and she is of Mexican background!

When selecting the right surgeon, it is important to do your research. It is important to ask how many rhinoplasty surgeries your potential surgeon performs in a year, and his years of experience.In 2️015 Dr. Kassir performed 5️02 septo rhinoplasty surgeries!The national average for rhinoplasty surgeons is less than 100.➡️ We advise that you curtail your questions specific to your needs and goals. 

1. Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States.  Silicone or saline breast implants can recontour breasts, add volume and provide a more youthful appearance. Breast augmentation is also performed to reduce breast size, balance the size of breasts, and for reconstructive purposes after surgical procedures like Mastectomy. Nicole Kidman, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton are some celebrities who had breast augmentation.
2. Botox Injections
It is no surprise that botox tops the list as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, not just among women, but men as well.  Botox helps smooth out ...

Check out what Dr. Kassir has to say about Uma Thurman’s possible plastic surgery in NY Daily News!

Renee Zellweger is well known for changing her appearance for movie roles, but the 45 year old actress looked completely unrecognizable at ELLE’s 21st annual Women In Hollywood Awards.
After examining some old photos and comparing them to the way she looks today, “her forehead appears smooth and wrinkle-free, the distance between her brow and eyes is altered and her cheeks and jawline look different,” she triple board certified, facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir.
Renee Zellweger’s forehead points to either Botox or Dysport injections, and the difference in her cheekbones and jawline point to dermal fillers.
The most drastic ...

Did you know that there is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to a facelift, necklift, and under-chin lift in New York City? Ultherapy is the ONLY procedure FDA-Cleared for a Non-invasive Neck, Brow and Under-Chin Lift!
Are you looking for overall facial rejuvenation that doesn’t involve plastic surgery? New York City’s top plastic surgeon, Dr. Kassir has the latest option available- an UPLIFT, not a FACELIFT!
It’s been featured on national television shows such as Rachael Ray, The View and The
Doctors. It’s been touted by big-name beauty editors from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie
Claire, ...

“Dr. Kassir is truly an expert in ethnic rhinoplasty,” says our patient.
Meet our patient, who is 23 years old and of Vietnamese background. Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country comprised of many different ethnic groups.
“I was always unhappy with the way my nose looked. I did not have a bridge, and my nostrils were too wide. I avoided taking pictures, especially turning sideways because I hated my profile so much. As I started to actively engage in Social Media— Facebook and Instagram, I noticed my nose from different angles and began to hate my profile even more. I was ...

Happy National Nurses Week to all nurses on behalf of Team Kassir.  We are deeply grateful to all the incredible nurses that are a part of our team.
National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.
From providing extraordinary care for our patients, to embracing new technologies and assisting in the operating room, our nurses help lead our practice forward. We are honored to have such amazing nurses on our team!

It is no secret that Google Glass will be available to the general public on Tuesday, April 15th. As consumers are signing up for reminders and anxiously waiting to purchase the latest technology Google is offering,  the device is already being examined by New York City’s top plastic surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir.
The futuristic Internet-connected glasses are incorporated into Manhattan’s top-notch practice, and the feedback from patients is positive. They are composed of electronics such as a computer processor and a camera and are suitable for all weather conditions.
Visionary cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir says that ...

Kim Novak  has been the “face of natural beauty” in Hollywood especially after her significant role in the 1955 classic movie, Picnic. The 81-year-old actress joined Matthew McConaughey to present Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature Film, leaving the Oscars audience in shock. Undoubtedly, like many Hollywood’s stars, she has undergone several plastic surgery procedures over the past couple of years, and her results are drastic, unnatural, and overdone.  
“After examining some old photos of the star, and comparing them to the way she looks today, it appears that she most likely had a fat transfer to her ...

Kim Kardashian has been known for her creamy, flawless, complexion that everyone strives for.  In addition to stellar makeup artists, celebrities have their beauty secrets. Kim Kardashian  openly admits that the secret to her permanent glow and perfect complexion is frequent sessions of Fractional lasers.
Fraxel is a safe, cosmetic laser treatment that effectively resurfaces the skin without surgery or downtime.  Fractional laser treatment can help diminish fine lines and wrinkles and renew the skin’s surface, giving a fresh “youthful look.”  Besides flawless complexion, fractional lasers are effective in treating the following:
  – Fine lines and wrinkles – like ...

Listen Up, New York City! Ulthera is the Next Big Thing!
There’s no way to sugarcoat it: you are getting older. In New York City and all across the country, men andwomen are aging and they’re not happy about it. Wrinkle might as well be a four-letter word.If you’ve ever listened to skin care experts or watched a face cream infomercial, you’ve probably heardabout collagen. This is the protein that gives your skin structure and keeps it firm. As we age, collagendeteriorates and the skin starts to wrinkle and sag. While there’s no way to turn back time, there is ...

5 Reasons You Need CoolSculpting
New York City is full of fitness coaches and nutritionists. They’ll sell you on zumba, spinning, boot camps and barre. As if that’s not enough, there’s a plethora of diets to keep you busy—vegan, gluten-free, raw food, and paleo.
Trainers and nutritionists promise that all of your hard work will melt away the pounds, but for most of us, nothing comes close to touching our trouble spots. If you have stubborn fat that just won’t let go, it’s time to try a different solution. CoolSculpting is a clinically-proven treatment that will erase the ...

Between Joan Rivers, Bruce Jenner, the Playboy Mansion, and Jennifer Aniston, the United States certainly embraces  plastic surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons claims that 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2012, up five percent from the previous year.  Some might say our society is vain, but recent studies show that  Italy, Greece and South Korea are the biggest fans of cosmetic procedures.
In 2011, the United States ranked as one of the countries with the highest percentage of aesthetic procedures  per 1,000 people , following Brazil and Colombia.
It ...

Earlier this month, two sisters came to our office in Wayne, New Jersey, for non surgical rhinoplasty to camouflage a bump they both had on their nose. Nicole first became aware of the bump on her nose at the age of 14. Throughout high school and college, Nicole avoided turning sideways so that her profile would not be visible. Along with her sister, Nicole invested in tons of makeup in hopes of finding a quick fix to cover the bump on her nose. Nicole’s nose bothered her so much to the point where she became extremely insecure. She constantly discussed ...

Long summer days are over, and winter is upon us. Unlike seasonal changes which can be drastic, your skin regimen can be more consistent with Kassirderm products. 
Use SPF daily to prevent wrinkles and stay healthy, especially  before engaging in any outdoor activities, including winter activities, such as skiing. UV rays are not only harmful in the summer because you are directly exposed to the sun, you are exposed to them daily, even if you spend most of your days indoors, hidden from the sunshine.   For daily use, I recommend a physical sunscreen with Titanium dioxides and Zinc oxides, ...


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