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  • plastic surgeon NYC
  • plastic surgeon NYC
  • plastic surgeon NYC

Helping Women in the Middle East

In an interview with Top Doctors magazine Dr. Kassir discussed his work in the Middle East,

"I know a lot of people do pro bono work, and in the middle east most women have to cover up and be in a society that's male dominated. Their entry into society is through marriage and through education. You get people with deformities that have to cover up. Well, they're not getting married and they're marginalized as it is. So, add a deformity to that and there's no future for them ... It's really easy and cheap, relatively, to pay for somebody's operation and their hospital fee, because it's hundreds of dollars instead of thousands of dollars. With one cleft palate that we did the patient got married 9 months later. It's rewarding in more ways than one, not just surgically. What I'm seeing is that it all ties together. Reconstructive work helps cosmetic surgical work." 

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