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These Tips Will Get You Slimmed Down For Spring Break!

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S.

March 16, 2017, 8:46 a.m.

Finals are just a little over a month away. And with that comes late nights, overly-crammed minds, and comfort food binges. That makes the Spring Break season even more of a well-needed hiatus from studying. But despite the sunshine, beaches and tans, Spring Break can be just as stressful of a time if you aren’t prepared for it!


Weight gain and dimpling on the back of your legs and thighs can make it difficult to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm breeze. Being comfortable in your skin is ideal, but not everyone has the ability to embrace their imperfections the same way that Lena Dunham’s character on Girls can. That’s why it’s important to watch what you’re eating and take the right steps towards a healthy figure.


Salt: Salt gets violonized for causing dehydration and water retention in the body, which is true if you’re intaking the wrong kind. Though sodium-rich foods (like deli meats, fries, and salad dressings) should be reduced...or cut out completely, swapping in sea salt and using it sparingly will actually balance pH levels and prevent dehydration, which is great for minimizing the appearance of cellulite.


Potassium: This mineral is essential for proper oxygen and nutrient levels, repair and renewal of cells and expel waste for healthy, youthful skin. Incorporating potassium-rich food - sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, pomegranates and wild-caught salmon - will flush out excess water and improve your skin’s firmness. It’s important to make sure you intake twice the amount of potassium to sodium.


Water: Though we’re told our bodies are composed of 60% water, women actually have 5% less because their bodies have more fat. This means that it is even more essential to be keeping your body hydrated. By drinking pure water to keep your skin plump and moisturized will not only keep your appetite at bay, but also smooth the look of dimpling on your legs and thighs.

Treatments: If you’re in a pinch, a combination of CoolSculpting and Thermage is the perfect way to get summer-ready faster than months of grueling workouts. Alone, the treatments really don’t have much impact on cellulite, but when you pair them together, they provide effective reduction in the appearance cellulite. CoolSculpting shrinks the fat and reduces the layers of fat in the target area. This will slim and smooth the area. Then Thermage is used to tighten the skin, leaving the body looking firm and smooth.


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