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New Discovery: Best Crib For Busy Moms

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S.

May 9, 2017, 11:59 a.m.

These days, it’s hard enough to juggle everything we have on our plates. But adding a new member to the family can raise stress levels to the max. When Sheila and I found out that we had a second little one on the way, we were so excited - we jumped immediately into planning mode. We wanted to make this newborn experience as easy on Sheila as possible.


We began searching for products we thought would best fit the lives of two busy individuals. My beautiful wife now has two children to care for as she works towards gaining her medical license in the United States, so she needs as much assistance as she can get. One thing that is especially important for her right now is a restful night sleep (well, as restful as it can be with a newborn), so she has energy to last her all day long.


When Sheila discovered BabyBay cribs, she fell in love immediately. Its innovative design allows your baby to sleep next to you without co-sharing the bed (because sharing the bed with your baby can be incredibly dangerous). Because it attaches to our bed, it enables us to immediately care for our new infant without too much disruption in the middle of the night. And because he’s sleeping in his own space right next to us, we have a peace of mind.

The crib is also super chic and has antibacterial properties - it’s crafted out of sustainable beechwood where every tree used is replaced with a new one! We are so impressed with the quality and concept of BabyBay. We are so grateful that BabyBay surprised Sheila with a beautiful baby shower gift after finding out how impressed she was with their product. We are completely in love with it and think all busy moms would benefit from it.


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