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Get Ready To Bare Some Skin This Summer With These Cellulite-Reducing Treatments!

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Feb. 13, 2017, 9:30 a.m.

Dimples are cute, but only when they’re located on your face. Cellulite on the other hand, is the type of dimpling nearly all women loathe, yet 90% of them are afflicted by it. The appearance of cellulite can range from tiny rippling in the skin to a more accumulated orange rind form to a bulging cottage cheese look. The worst aspect of cellulite is that no matter how much you adjust your diet and commit to a healthy lifestyle, it’s impossible to rid your body of its presence.


Women tend to suffer from cellulite more commonly than men because of the structural design underneath the surface of the skin. The connective tissue has a honeycomb shape that creates pockets for any additional fat to sweep out into, creating bulges of fat to become visible on the surface of the skin. And because fat cells can only shrink, the only thing you’re able to do is reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Even with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, women find that cellulite can be incredibly stubborn and may not diminish as much as expected. This can create extreme frustration and impact their self-esteem. Also we age, cellulite continues to worsen as our skin thins and the layers of fat and fibers thicken.


But there are treatments that can target these difficult areas and help reduce the appearance of cellulite significantly. However, nothing has been developed that vanishes their appearance completely.


CoolSculpting: This is one avenue that is effective for reducing the layers of fat and minimizing the thickness to create a smoother appearance to the skin. This is more for fat reduction than for skin tightening, so this treatment is often paired with additional procedures when used for targeting cellulite.


Thermage: This radio frequency (RF) treatment is most commonly paired with CoolSculpting as it’s main purpose is tightening and smoothing the surface of the skin. It is clinically proven to stimulate existing collagen and promote cell turnover and collagen growth. This helps further improve the appearance of the surface of the skin.


Cellfina: This procedure goes deep beneath the surface to target the main cause of cellulite - those fibrous, honeycomb bands that connect the fat to the skin. This minimally invasive treatment has very little downtime and results will last upto 2-3 years, which makes it the leading cellulite treatment on the market currently.


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