Ethnic Rhinoplasty in NYC

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | June 2, 2014, 11:22 a.m.

“Dr. Kassir is truly an expert in ethnic rhinoplasty,” says our patient.

Meet our patient, who is 23 years old and of Vietnamese background. Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country comprised of many different ethnic groups.

“I was always unhappy with the way my nose looked. I did not have a bridge, and my nostrils were too wide. I avoided taking pictures, especially turning sideways because I hated my profile so much. As I started to actively engage in Social Media— Facebook and Instagram, I noticed my nose from different angles and began to hate my profile even more. I was constantly asking my friends to delete pictures of me because I hated my nose. I decided to search for a plastic surgeon in NYC who specializes in Asian rhinoplasty, and found Dr. Kassir,” says our patient.

The Asian facial anatomy traditionally differs in size, shape, skin texture or thickness, structure and appearance from other ethnic groups. These appearances might be slight to the untrained eye, however these variances are extremely important when it comes to rhinoplasty or nose surgery for Asian patients.

Asian rhinoplasty is considerably different because Asian noses have different attributes (thicker, more sebaceous skin, flatter bridge, wider base) than Caucasian noses. With Asian noses, traditionally, procedures focus on augmentation as opposed to reduction. Traditionally, Asian noses have flat bridges, sometimes with less definition and wider nostrils. They may also have a minimal tip. Most Asian patients who want to redefine their noses with rhinoplasty wish to enhance their nose symmetry, while creating a more defined, stronger bridge and tip. They often want to narrow their nostrils – which can be done during surgery, too.

To build a strong and defined bridge, Dr. Kassir harvested the cartilage from the patient’s ear. At the same time, Dr. Kassir reduced the size of her nostrils.

“I trusted Dr. Kassir from my initial consultation based on his expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty, specifically his experience with Asian noses,” says our patient.