How to Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Nov. 2, 2016, 7:32 a.m.

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Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself. You’re investing money, energy and time into improving your appearance, and it’s equally important that you’re satisfied with your results and able to maintain them.

Most surgical procedures, when performed correctly by a board certified plastic surgeon provide patients with long-lasting results. They key to maintaining the best results is what you do to up-keep them.

Remember, the aging process is natural and we cannot prevent it, but we can slow down the aging process and maintain our plastic surgery results.

Here are Dr. Kassir’s 3 suggestions to maintain your plastic surgery results:

  1. Form Healthy Habits: What we consume makes a difference in our health and surgery results. Smoking for example, damages our lungs and heart, and greatly impacts our ability to heal. Surgeons generally advise their patients to quit smoking several weeks before surgery as smoking prolongs recovery t time and may potentially impacts results. Nicotine impacts our body’s ability to heal- resulting in prolonged recovery, and can potentially cause complications that result in bleeding, lead to pain and more visible scarring.

You need to be honest with your surgeon about your overall lifestyle.  Always let your surgeon know if you smoke, take any medication or supplements, drink, and/or have any allergies. Your surgeon will be able to determine which steps you need to take before and after surgery in order to get and maintain the best results.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise: Body contouring procedures can transform your body and reduce fat in stubborn areas. They can provide a more pleasing shape and your body may be more proportional. However, adequate exercise and a healthy, nutritious diet are key to maintaining these results.  It is important to keep your weight within a healthy range, and stable.  If you gain weight after liposuction for example, fat cells will expand throughout the areas of your body where surgery wasn’t performed, which will make you look disproportionate.  

The best way to make sure your results last is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program.  Following a healthy diet and exercise carried tremendous health and aesthetic benefits.

  1. Maintain a Skin Regimen:  Most of us know that a proper skincare regimen can slow down the aging process. Having a proper skincare regimen is important after your surgery.  Immediately after your surgery, you should have a skin care guide. Proper skincare can make your skin look better than ever, after surgery. It also makes a difference in scarring. Dr. Kassir has customized skin care packages for all of our patients, after their surgical procedures to ensure that they maintain their results and help their skin heal after undergoing procedures.  It’s important to keep your skin and incisions clean, protect them with sunscreen from the sun, and help your scars fade.

Dr. Kassir’s medical grade skincare products help patients not only maintain but enhance their surgical results. Even if you have an existing skin care regimen, consult with your surgeon about using products that are going to optimize and maintain your results after surgery!

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