Band Aid Lift™ before image 1

Band Aid Lift™ after image 1

This patient is 50 years of age and began noticing that her face was appearing more and more elongated and worn. She is a flight attendant and as a result, she is always in the public eye. She leads a healthy lifestyle, and she felt that her face did not reflect her lifestyle. Her goal was to rejuvenate her appearance and maintain natural, long lasting results. As she began to do research on the top facial reconstructive surgeons in the area, she came across Dr. Kassir’s credentials and decided to entrust him with her concerns. After meeting with her for an initial consultation, they determined a full facelift would be the ideal procedure to target her main areas of concern - the drooping of her midface, the deepening in the nasolabial fold, and the muting of her jawline. She now feels reinvigorated and more confident than she has in years.

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