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    After min facelift and non surgical revision nose job

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About this Facelift in NYC

This patient is 41 years old and was unhappy with the lower portion of her face. She previously underwent laser treatments by another surgeon, and she did not notice the improvement she desired. At the same time, she wanted to treat her sun spots and wrinkles.

“I couldn’t stand looking at pictures of my profile, especially candids. I felt like my self-esteem vanished within the folds of my neck.” expressed our patient, who struggled with the appearance of her jawline. She didn’t have significant signs of aging in the upper portion of her face, so Dr. Kassir determined the ideal treatment to correct her concern was a Band Aid facelift (mini facelift).

The Band Aid lift tightened the loose skin that was hanging underneath her chin, removed the excess fat deposits forming the jowls, and the deepened lines around her mouth.

She also had laser resurfacing and Dysport in order to improve her skin’s surface and wrinkles.

Being that she previously had a nose job by a surgeon and she wasn’t happy with the results, she also paired the procedure with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Dr. Kassir specializes non non surgical rhinoplasty which is a 15 minute treatment that uses fillers to create a more aesthetically appealing appearance to the nose. It typically lasts about a year and is adjustable to the preference of the patient.

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