Laser Skin Resurfacing before image 1


Laser Skin Resurfacing after image 1

three weeks after facelift and full face laser

This patient is 75 years of age and couldn’t stand the wrinkles spider-webbing across her face. Every time she looked in the mirror, the light would catch them, amplifying their appearance and causing her to become more and more self-conscious of their appearance. As the lines began to deepen and the folds of skin on her neck became more pronounced, she turned to Dr. Kassir for help. Dr. Kassir evaluated the conditions of her skin and determined that a full facelift paired with a full face laser would be essential to achieving her desired results. The full facelift smoothed the wrinkles that were gathered around her chin and mouth, relaxing the deep lines along her nasolabial folds, and lifting the skin of her neck and jawline to restore her elegant contour. The full face laser worked to erase the wrinkles from her nose and upper portion of her face, leaving her with glowing, smooth skin that fits the age she feels!

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