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Meet Tina B.


New York

Tina is a flight attendant and travels all around the world. She wanted to look as young as she felt. So Tina had a mini facelift because she wanted lasting results.

These pictures show Tina 18 days after her operation. 14 days after the operation she flew to Japan and back and no one knew that she had any kind of a procedure.

She's extremely happy about her jawline, her neck, and her overall rejuvenated look after her mini facelift. She had minimal pain and recovery for this procedure, which is usually between 1 to 2 weeks.

In fact, Tina calls this "The facelift that saved her life" because during the course of it we examined her and told her to biopsy a "scar" that she had from previous breast reconstruction that turned out to be recurrent cancer.  She was treated for it and looked great during and after her treatment.

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