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For patients who want to achieve more youthful appearances without undergoing extensive plastic surgery, Dr. Kassir offers the Band Aid Lift™ in New York. Patients who want to achieve the best possible cosmetic improvements with minimally invasive surgery will want to get the Band Aid Lift™.

Want to look as young as you feel but not ready for a full facelift? Dr. Kassir suggests the new Band Aid Lift, which may be an ideal solution for baby boomers, who are just starting to see the effects of aging. Its benefits are lower cost, shorter surgical time, quicker recovery, and excellent results. The shortened procedure and recovery time are ideal for patients looking for a more youthful appearance without the downtime of traditional lifts. Now we can perform these lifts in as little as two visits, and patients can resume normal activity in a few days.

What is the Band Aid Facelift?

The Band Aid Facelift is performed through small incisions, which may be covered with a bandaid, hence the name Band Aid Facelift. The incisions may be place under the chin, above the ears or behind the ears, depending on the problem areas you wish to target. The Band Aid Facelift carries fewer risks than the traditional facelift while offering a refreshed, younger appearance.

Band Aid Lift benefits:

  • Shorter surgery time (about one hour), performed in the office
  • Quicker recovery time compared to a full facelift
  • Immediate, natural results
  • Refreshed and youthful appearance
  • Affordable

More Answers from Dr. Kassir about Band Aid Facelift or Mini Facelift

How "long" will the mini facelift or Band Aid Facelift last? (I understand nothing lasts forever, and facial aging continues despite it, but I have read a mini facelift lasts only 5 years) What is the average length of time I will see the benefit- 5, 10, 12 years etc?

7 years is a good estimate before you may consider any other surgery.

Where will the fat be transferred to on my face and, where is the fat harvested from me? How long can I expect the fat to stay put (or is it subject to fat loss as the original fat loss which occurs during natural aging?)

This is a great question about fat. During the mini facelift or Band Aid Facelift fat will be transferred to your lid-cheek junctions (aka tear trough area), midface, around the mouth, jawline and anywhere else that I feel is deficient compared to your younger photos. We usually harvest from the abdomen or thighs, most likely abdomen in your case. As a general rule 25-50% of the fat lasts forever, and since it's transferred from resistant areas it usually doesn't disappear like other facial fat. In other words, when you lose weight, you probably lose everywhere from the face to the body, with the exception of stubborn areas like thighs or belly. These stubborn areas are where we take fat from so it has best longevity.

Upper eyelid lift ... I do not want a surprised look. When this is done once, will there be enough skin in 20 years in the unlikely event I will want it revised?

Another great question and common concern. That depends on how much skin is removed; if you have too much removed then you won't be able to close your eye and will have an unnatural look. The key is to CONSERVATIVELY remove ONLY the redundant extra skin and no more. People look surprised when they have browlifts and too much skin taken off in an upper eyelid lift. I just commented twice in the past 3 weeks on Entertainment Tonight about botched plastic surgery in Hollywood women and men. Here's the link for the first one.

The muscle that is cut during the mini facelift. How much muscle are we talking about? How does that affect my face in the long term negatively?

The muscle is cut and repositioned during the facelift, resuspended at a higher, more youthful, aesthetic level. Very little if any is removed. It does not affect your face negatively. It contributes to you looking younger!

Is there a moderately priced hotel local that can be suggested for my recuperation? Even if it is just outside the city (with 30 minutes or so?)

Of course. We can arrange that for you and even a car service.

How long after the facelift surgery do I need a follow up? We see all patients the next day after surgery (DAY 1) Do I need stitches removed or are they absorbable?

Eyelid stitches are absorbable, facelift stitches are removed DAY 7

I am concerned about appearing pulled. I know I am in capable hands but how do you avoid the "pulled" look after my facelift?

Perhaps the most important question of all and why we correct so many facelifts done by others. First remember that this is a muscle, not a skin, lift. That means that the muscle layer is repositioned and you won't look tight or pulled at all, just rejuvenated. If it's a skin lift and the muscle isn't addressed, there's a tendency to pull the skin tight and get the windblown or "joker" look. The angles of elevation and redraping of muscle and skin are very important too. The muscle goes in a more vertical direction while the skin gets redraped in a more lateral direction. It's called a "multiplanar" lift because the muscle, skin, and connective tissues are going in their respective different directions.

There are no drains placed during the mini facelift?


Does the fluid just absorb?

Yes, and surgical technique and preoperative preparation has a lot to do with expediting this. Many of our patients resume work the next week after a mini facelift or Band Aid Facelift.

How long before I can return to the gym after the mini facelift surgery?

Soonest 2 weeks, realistically probably 3 weeks. Just because we don't want you straining your neck.

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