If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it with CoolSculpting!
Say goodbye to stubborn fat. And say hello to the body you once had with our clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical coolsculpting treatment without the downtime.

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You are not you when carrying around extra fat. Your favorite clothes don’t fit. Your belts slip a notch in the wrong direction. You’re not as confident as you once were or as comfortable in your own skin. So you exercise. Eat well. Even drink two liters of water a day. But still never lose the spare tire, love handles, or muffin top. Surgery isn’t an option. Needles and knives are far too extreme. You couldn’t possibly do enough sit ups to help the situation. And the contraptions you bought only collect dust in the garage.

CoolSculpting® is another alternative. CoolSculpting® wil help you reclaim the body. It’s time Mother Nature and modern technology got together and stepped in. Reclaim your body with CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting® started with a keen observation of how a popsicle reduced the fat in a child’s cheeks. Now, in a more concentrated form, of course, and targeted a little lower, CoolSculpting® freezes those bulges of stubborn fat without harm to your skin. CoolSculpting® allows your body to naturally melt it away. You get back to being you again. CoolSculpting® is that simple. CoolSculpting® is clinically proven. CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared. And you’re done and out the door in the same time you’d spend at a gym.

Yes, CoolSculpting® cheating a little. But CoolSculpting® natural, non-invasive and quick. Stubborn fat hasn’t done you any favors, so far. Maybe it’s time you tricked it.  Book a CoolSculpting appointment at our NYC office today.

Reclaim tight t-shirts, that little black dress, your favorite pair of jeans. Reclaim fitted dress shirts, bikinis or swimsuits, and all that stuff in your closet that used to be “in”.

Reclaim the joy of not being self-conscious. 
Reclaim the confidence you once had.
Reclaim your swagger. 
Reclaim your swerve.
Get back to being the best version of you. 
Reclaim the body you know yourself in.

CoolSculpting. Reclaim the real you.

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