CVG (Cutis Verticis Gyrata)

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 CVG (Cutis Verticis Gyrata) 615 image  CVG (Cutis Verticis Gyrata) 615 image


What is CVG?

Cutis verticis gyrata or CVG is a descriptive term for an uncommon scalp disorder that thickens the scalp into folds, resembling cerebriform pattern making it look like the surface of a brain. Some patients have referred to this as a "fat scalp".

Who gets CVG and why?

CVG is troublesome due to its cosmetic condition, and primarily occurs in males.

Primary conditions of CVG typically develop after puberty, and the cause of condition is unknown.

Secondary CVG may develop as a consequence of a number of drugs or diseases that lead to changes in the scalp structure.

What areas does CVG affect?

CVG is predominant at the center and back of the scalp. In some cases,  CVG can affect the entire scalp. CVG does not alter skin color.  The number of folds can vary from 2 to 10 or more, and the folds, or wrinkles, are soft and spongy in nature.

How can CVG be treated?

There is no cure for this condition, however, plastic surgery can  treat this condition.  An experienced plastic surgeon can perform surgery through excision of the folds by means of scalp reduction/surgical resection.

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 CVG (Cutis Verticis Gyrata) 615 image  CVG (Cutis Verticis Gyrata) 615 image