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Dr. Kassir and his surgical team are pleased to offer the latest in revolutionary liposuction technology: Laser Tight liposuction. Laser Tight liposuction is an advanced, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that causes minimal pain, shortened recovery periods and remarkable precision. As one of the first and only cosmetic surgeons in the New York/New Jersey area to perform Laser Tight liposuction, Dr. Kassir offers extraordinary body contouring results to liposuction patients. His extensive experience and training has helped numerous patients receive the stunning bodies they have always wanted under the utmost quality of care.

About Laser Tight Liposuction

Laser Tight liposuction utilizes a 980 nm. diode laser to target hard-to-reach, stubborn fatty deposits or large, soft tissue areas. The laser, in combination with a set of cannulas and fibers, delivers laser energy to vaporize fatty deposits and tighten skin.

Unlike traditional liposuction that uses cannulas to remove fat cells, Laser Tight liposuction breaks up persistent fatty deposits through vaporization to promote a gentler method of fat loss. In addition to removing fat, the procedure encourages tissue tightening after the procedure to help patients achieve firm, lean physiques.

Many patients choose to have Laser Tight liposuction performed on a variety of sensitive areas, including the chin, neck, armpits, upper arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. Its concentrated laser energy helps ensure unsurpassed liposuction precision, yielding beautiful, natural-looking results.

Your Laser Tight Liposuction with Dr. Ramtin Kassir

Dr. Kassir is one of the only plastic surgeons in New York/New Jersey to perform the revolutionary Laser Tight liposuction procedure. He lends his outstanding surgical record, skilled hands and aesthetic eye to every procedure to ensure the best results possible. He and his surgical staff take great pride in helping every patient reach their beauty potential and gain self-esteem. To schedule a Laser Tight liposuction consultation with Dr. Kassir, please contact his office at (973) 692-9300.

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Laser Liposuction/Laser Tight 204 image Laser Liposuction/Laser Tight 204 image